王國征戰 Mod 2.77

王國征戰 Mod 2.77

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App Name 王國征戰
Package Name com.igg.android.lordsonline_tw
Rating ( 25748 )
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Games, Strategy

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Mod Id: com.igg.android.lordsonline_tw








☆ 魔物覺醒,戰場出擊!☆

☆ 歡迎來到「龍火戰場」!☆


台灣代理商 : 幻想娛樂科技股份有限公司

“Kingdom Battle” is a multiplayer online, real-time war strategy game. You will play as a lord in a fantasy world, build your own kingdom, train your army, engage in epic multiplayer wars, capture enemy cities, capture legendary heroes, form alliances with other players, assist each other, and defeat those that block you Dominate the enemies of the world!

Game Features
☆ Extreme 3D picture quality ☆
The magnificent territory and exquisite buildings are presented on a large map in a fully 3D form, giving a clear overview of the macro world of the game. Fine game graphics and even cracks in the mountain crust are clearly visible.

☆ Building an Exclusive Kingdom ☆
Upgrade various legendary buildings, research technology, train the army, upgrade heroes, build traps, and make your kingdom stronger and stronger!

☆ Unique hero gameplay ☆
All heroes have their unique skills and attack methods. In the adventure copy, the hero is a lone warrior with white stunts. Entering the legion war will transform into a general who leads the soldiers in charge and brings you a completely different combat experience.

☆ Responsive battle method ☆
The arms are divided into cavalry, infantry, archers, and sling carts, etc., with distinctive characteristics and fatal weaknesses. Only when the intelligence reconnaissance is in place, the strategy is clear, and at the same time, the hero’s legion skills can be used in a timely manner to learn from each other’s strengths, can they win a thousand miles.

☆ Master the real-time situation ☆
Besieged, attacked, defended, and attacked, all these are no longer rigid text battle reports in this game, but are presented in 3D, with powerful picture expression tension, which not only allows players to experience the immersive blood reality , And more importantly, let you understand the reasons for your defeat on the battlefield, learn from your lessons and reorganize.

☆ Allied Battles ☆
Join the alliance, point together with your allies, discuss strategies, complement each other, and gather your army and allies to wage an epic hundreds of battles against your enemies.

☆ The monster awakens and the battlefield strikes! ☆
Sign a contract with a powerful monster, awaken the exclusive legion warfare, summon monsters to fight side by side, reverse the battle and defeat the enemy, and no one can stop you from becoming the king of the world!

☆ Welcome to “Dragon Fire Battlefield”! ☆
A new alliance PK battle game debut, the alliance will compete in the new map by occupying strongholds and competing for points! No matter how fierce the war is, as soon as you leave the battlefield of the Dragonfire, all the military casualties will be restored! And regardless of victory or defeat, participants can get massive rewards!

note! This game requires internet connection.

=== Related Information ===
Taiwan Agent: Fantasy Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.
“Facebook”: https://www.facebook.com/LordsOnlineTW/

* According to the management method of game software classification, this software is used to counsel 12-year-olds and can be used by people over 12 years old.
* This game is free to download, and there are other paid services for purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
* Please pay attention to the use time to avoid indulging in games.


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