friDay理財+ 01.06.51 (Premium/MOD)

friDay理財+ 01.06.51 (Premium/MOD)

App Information of friDay理財+ on android with unlimited money/coins

App Name friDay理財+
Package Name com.fet.fridaywallet
Version 01.06.51
Rating 2.0 ( 5730 )
Size 72M
Requirement 6.0 and up
Updated November 30, 2021
Installs 500,000+
Category Apps, Finance

Description of friDay理財+ for android free download

Mod Id: com.fet.fridaywallet

1、 friDay理財+提供客製化存錢目標進度管理服務,客戶可依照夢想的目標存款金額與預計達成時間,透過friDay理財+自動運算生成存錢計畫,並自由選擇每日或每周的存錢頻率,管理目標進度。

2、 客戶可輕鬆藉由friDay理財+銀行利率查詢功能,從合作銀行中尋得最適合自己的存款方案,並進行線上開戶作業。除此之外,還可綁定合作數位銀行帳戶,將每次的存錢進度與實際數位銀行帳戶餘額連動,提醒客戶存錢目標是否能如期完成,幫助您務實達成理財夢想。

3、 APP提供理財知識快問快答小遊戲,從基礎題到時事題,幫助您透過遊戲學習,無痛增進理財知識,等您來挑戰!

4、 提供線上繳費服務,生活大小帳單一指搞定,繳費免出門超便利。

5、 悠遊卡+icash 2.0+會員卡數位收納,friDay理財+生活超輕鬆。

6、 任務牆提供多樣趣味生活任務,讓您輕鬆贏得五七鑽紅利,在兌換市集中搶兌限量熱門商品。

7、 天天使用friDay理財+,每日都有生活小確幸,讓我們一起理財,一起有錢!
1. friDay financial management + provide customized deposit goal progress management services. Customers can generate a deposit plan through friDay financial management + automatic calculation according to the dream target deposit amount and estimated time, and freely choose daily or weekly Save money frequency, manage the progress of goals.

2. Customers can easily use the friDay financial management + bank interest rate inquiry function to find the most suitable deposit plan from the cooperative bank and open an online account. In addition, you can also bind a cooperative digital bank account, link each deposit progress with the actual digital bank account balance, remind customers whether the deposit goal can be completed on schedule, and help you achieve your financial dreams practically.

3. The APP provides quick-question and quick-answer mini-games for financial management knowledge, from basic questions to current affairs questions, to help you learn through the game, painlessly improve financial management knowledge, waiting for you to challenge!

4. Online payment service is provided, and the living and small accounts are settled by a single finger, and payment is super convenient without going out.

5. Free travel card + iash 2.0 + membership card digital storage, friDay financial management + life super easy.

6. The task wall provides a variety of interesting life tasks, allowing you to easily win five or seven diamond bonuses and grab a limited number of popular products in the exchange market.

7. Using friDay financial management+ every day, we will have a small fortune in life every day, let us manage financial affairs together and have money together!

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